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Dress up your PSN or Xbox Live avatar with Redemption outfits

Rdr avatars3

Rockstar has released some items of clothing for your avatar in PSN or Xbox Live.

  • Male and Female Sombrero – Obtained by shooting off someone’s hat without killing them (in single player).
  • Male And Female Red Dead Redemption Logo T-Shirt – Obtained when found in a hidden chest at Riley’s Charge.
  • Male and Female Rockstar Logo T-Shirt – Obtained when found in a hidden chest at Beecher's Hope (make sure to unlock the Beecher’s Hope homestead first).

Two more unlockable items will be released in the near future, that can be received by completing Rockstar Social Club Challenges. In addition, you can buy many items on the Sony Home Mall and the Xbox Live Avatar Marketplace.


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