My 360 has been broken for some time now. I have to install games to the hard drive to play them, and the box doesn't always register that there's a game in it. It's a common bug, nicknamed the "Open Tray" bug. Seeing as I've owned my 360 for more than three years, the guarantee is no longer valid, and I'll have to pay 600 NOK for a repair, which'll take one month.

I get paid in four days, but I don't know how much. Probably somewhere around 1k NOK, which is... enough. It's probably something like 130 bucks or something. Either way, that wont be enough to buy a new Xbox. I gotta wait till the first of July to buy a new Xbox, because that's when I get paid from my other job. And there's a lot of money waiting there.

When I finally get that new Xbox, I can play any game I want for as long as I want. Right now I'm limited to two games at a time, as that's the capacity of my HDD, 20 Gigs. I've got MW2 and FIFA10 installed now, because RDR is no fun when I can't play online, and there's still no patch for that.

I can't wait till I get paid.