First off, I'd like to say, don't get me wrong on this. I love the posse function in RDR, and me and friends have already set up a full posse with names and ranks. It's awesome, and a great, fun way of playing this game, even though most of the time, we just shoot eachother in the face, or get in carts that we ride off cliffs.

I just don't think that the system the wiki has for posse's is a bad idea. I don't get why it's included. It'll end up in a bunch of really, really shitty articles about posse's created by teens. The articles will not only be poorly written and structured, but they'll also be created, and forgotten. Of course, there will be good articles. I was thinking of making one for the posse I'm in, and I'm sure the collaborative work can make it look good, but I'm not sure I will.

My suggestion is that someone, possibly the admins of this wikie, creates a fanfic wiki for the RDR universe, where they can create such articles about their own posse. It would make this wiki look a lot better, and it'd gather those that share interest at the same place.

The leaste that should be done is to implement somewhat more strict rules as to how a posse article should look. Should it be in-character, or should it be a description of the posse seen from a gamers point of view? Should they be allowed to make up storylines or not? And then it moves further on with, should they be allowed to make articles about their own characters?

My answer to all of this still is, make a fanfic wiki. Might be a little too much demanding, as I know running a wiki is hard work, but I sincerely hope someone will do that.

Now, I go back to playing. And editing. Cheers!