So, as I'm sure with almost everyone else here, I can honestly say I may have an addiction to Red Dead Redemption... I consider my cigarette habit far worse, but you get the idea. XD

I've always been a gamer, ever since I can remember (yes, Bowser scared me as a little girl, and I had a crush on Link, no matter how pixelated he was). My love for video games has increased exponentially over the years as I've fallen in love with this or that title... but my experience with Red Dead has to be labeled as something entirely different.

I have never been so wrapped up in a plot like with RDR. The writers, animators, musicians, and voice-overs really floored me. The dedication you can sense from these people is astounding. After all the research I've done about the production of this game, I was so happy to see how badly these people wanted to make it work (and not just for the money, although I'm sure that didn't hurt!). You could tell they wanted to make something new, something different, something that could be beautiful, exciting, unnerving, and heart-tugging all at the same time... and in my opinion, they completely achieved that goal. Sure, every game will have its glitches and set-backs, but I can honestly give RDR 10/10.

Now, Rockstar... what else do you intend to floor me with? Because this one... is gonna be hard to top.

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