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  • I live in Newcastle Upon Tyne
  • I was born on November 2
  • My occupation is Bouncer
  • I am Male, maybe... no, male.
  • Lush1998

    Hey guys, just asking whether anyone has a good idea for a short story, as I thoroughly enjoyed writing the Blackwater Massacre and if you haven't already read that in my previous blog then you should check it out. I'm trying to think of some material to write but I can't come up with anything. So if anyone has an idea, please share it! Peace.

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  • Lush1998

    Enjoy my first story on Red Dead guys!

    Poker was Landon Rickett's favourite game. A game which required patience, determination, stamina. Landon Ricketts had all of these, and he knew it. Right now it was 1899, a Sunday evening and Landon and his friends were taking a night off saving people to relax in Blackwater. They were sitting just outside the saloon where the poker table was, and they had just began they're game. There was seven of them in total, Landon, Dusty, Butch, Seymour, Terrence, Sammy and Jake. All honored by civilians, especially around Blackwater. The police force in Blackwater was terrible, and so when people were in trouble, they turned to these men. These men who had been together for ten years, riding across the county …

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  • Lush1998

    OK, so I used to be a big fan of the Call of Duty series, but I think it is getting ludicrous with how samey each new entry is, Black Ops 2 being the latest to join, and it will be the ninth in the series. It will never end, and from what I've seen in the trailer just yesterday, the graphics are unimpressive, the setting is terrible, and one thing doesn't make sense, Frank Woods is still alive as an old man. I'm not saying it doesn't make sense because he's too old, it actually doesn't make sense because he supposedly died in a grenade blast. Since when the hell did he suddenly survive that? And secondly, the setting. I can see they have ran out of wars to do in the past, and so have decided to come up with a cold war set in the future, sp…

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  • Lush1998

    Uncle DLC

    October 17, 2011 by Lush1998

    I know this will sound stupid at first, but what about a DLC on Uncle in his prime? Uncle always seemed like a lousy drunk in Red Dead, but maybe this DLC would show why he became like that? The game would obviously take place in the same location, and it should start with Uncle in his twenties. Uncle will have his name revealed, and he is also an outlaw like John. His family may be killed, and he goes out to get revenge. It would be a coming of the age tale, but it would be cool to play as Uncle back then and the DLC would feature new weapons, some new locations, a new singleplayer campaign and more multiplayer skins. The villain will be hunted into Mexico, so that will be an excuse to once again visit Mexico. Uncle was a character I thin…

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  • Lush1998

    So I know this has been labelled on the glitches page, but it is really starting to annoy me. It was funny at first but now it just makes me angry. Almost every time I play a game of poker the people I'm playing against lose their texture, turning into a polygon wreck. Also, the sounds for dealing cards and chips disappear. It really annoys me at the moment. This is on PS3, not for Xbox. Anyone else played poker and experienced these problems? Peace.

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