OK, so I used to be a big fan of the Call of Duty series, but I think it is getting ludicrous with how samey each new entry is, Black Ops 2 being the latest to join, and it will be the ninth in the series. It will never end, and from what I've seen in the trailer just yesterday, the graphics are unimpressive, the setting is terrible, and one thing doesn't make sense, Frank Woods is still alive as an old man. I'm not saying it doesn't make sense because he's too old, it actually doesn't make sense because he supposedly died in a grenade blast. Since when the hell did he suddenly survive that? And secondly, the setting. I can see they have ran out of wars to do in the past, and so have decided to come up with a cold war set in the future, specifically 2025. This honestly doesn't give me a very Call of Duty feel, due to the fact it has always been about playing real wars that have happened in the past, like WW2 and Vietnam. The atmosphere and emotional side to it will most likely be gone as this war is completely fictional. These are the reasons I don't like the looks of it, and hopefully they will improve as the developing continues and that the game will have some big changes, because, if it doesn't, I will not purchase it. I'd rather go for Assassin's Creed III.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and feel free to post whether you agree or disagree. Peace.

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