I know this will sound stupid at first, but what about a DLC on Uncle in his prime? Uncle always seemed like a lousy drunk in Red Dead, but maybe this DLC would show why he became like that? The game would obviously take place in the same location, and it should start with Uncle in his twenties. Uncle will have his name revealed, and he is also an outlaw like John. His family may be killed, and he goes out to get revenge. It would be a coming of the age tale, but it would be cool to play as Uncle back then and the DLC would feature new weapons, some new locations, a new singleplayer campaign and more multiplayer skins. The villain will be hunted into Mexico, so that will be an excuse to once again visit Mexico. Uncle was a character I think should have more background information, and building a DLC on him would be great. Does anyone agree with the idea? And if you don't, feel free to tell me if its a crap idea. Peace.

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