So, I know a lot of people think a Single Player DLC about John's past or Ricketts in the Blackwater Massacre would be kick ass ideas for a new campaign. And while I agree that they both sound interesting, I've also come up with my own idea for a possible DLC that R* could try their hand at creating.

It would tell the story of a Chinese immigrant, arriving in America with literally nothing but the clothes on his back, and his experiences in the old west trying to make his fortune while battling racism, exploitation, and trying to fit in to a new and different society. It could begin maybe with him arriving in Blackwater, and getting involved with a Chinese Tong gang who try to get him to work for them. After doing a few missions maybe involving collecting protection money from local businesses or smuggling contraband up the river, he could head south into New Austin or even Mexico to try and seek a better life. The possibilities here are endless as to what could happen to him.

The story of the Asian immigrants during the American west is something that not many people are familiar with, but was such a huge part of that history I think Rockstar could really benefit from making a DLC about this new and original idea. The Chinese built America's railroads, worked in their factories, and made their contribution to the industrial revolution. I just think there is so much potential for an idea like this, it would really make an interesting story to see the world of RDR from a new perspective.

What do you guys think?

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