So Im in Armadillo when a cart comes riding by and usually when I see a cart I ram the side and it tips over. So I did that and the guy falls off, the cart fell on top of him and the horse lagged with the cart causing the horse to fly high enough to land on the balcony of the saloon and the cart isnt on top of him anymore. I laughed alittle but then noticed that the guy wasnt getting up, I was able aim at him so he was still technically alive, but his neck looked serverely bent and I just thought "OH CRAPPED I PARALIZED HIM!!" So I try helping him out by trying to do something the AI would respond to and accidently hit the trigger which kicked him in the face but it looked like it worked so I kept kicking while screaming "I shall heal you with the define power of my boot!!" After awhile that isnt working but I got an idea. I hogtied him then cut him loose which actually worked and he starts walking away.......but then waltons gang came running into town and he got ran over and died. The End

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