• MacabreMilkman

    I have met more cheaters, idiots, and assholes in this one game than anywhere in my entire life. Of all of the people who use invincibility glitch, there will always be players who feel the need to justify cheating. Here are some of the responses from people using invincibility on PSN:

    "It's not cheating, it's a strategy. You're not good enough to use it" (Kid later threatened to hack my account after we kicked him out of the game)

    "I'm not cheating, I just wanna level up fast" (From an 10 year old)

    "I only use it against pricks like you and your posse." (We were beating the other team at land grab, so this player paxsato came in and said we were pricks and he was going to "regulate".)

    "I wouldnt use it if u werent campin like a bitch" (From a…

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  • MacabreMilkman

    Cheap Tactics?

    July 19, 2011 by MacabreMilkman

    I have been playing RDR Multiplayer for a while now, and it seems that a lot of people complain about High Power Pistol and "Camping". Of course, I have heard people complain that I was "camping" in a game of Land Grab as well. A lot of cheaters turn on invincibility and justify it because of this. What to do you guys think?

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  • MacabreMilkman

    This is the a true story in a private session Red Dead Redemption Free Roam.

    I was terrorising the town of Escalara, when the situation grew dire. I "borrowed" a stagecoach and quickly fled to Crooked Toes with The Mexican Army on trail. What I had forgotton however, was that I had bought the Liars and Cheats Pack not a week earlier. Cornered by The Rebaldes and The Federales, I took cover in the side of my stagecoach, and proceeded to fight my way out. With quick reflexes, I managed to Tomahawk enough Rebaldes to obtain the coveted Double-Barreled Shotty, and a Semi-Automatic Pistolero. I used these fine weapons and dispatched the remaining gang members. Soon enough, only The Boss and I remained. He tossed his fire bottle close enough to …

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