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  • Madscy

    kid crying

    November 3, 2011 by Madscy

    i just wanted to show people this video cause i think its fuckin hilarious and i think people would enjoy it, you have to listen to it also though. its a little shaky cause it was made with a camera. there are 2 parts, in the second one i think you can hear him start to cry lol..enjoy!

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  • Madscy

    So ive come to notice that all the glitches aren't completely gone. Ive encountered some people still using a Rolling Block Rifle glitch, where they can basically rapid fire and auto lock onto you. The transport will still give you dead eye, six dynamite, six fire bottle and its seems to me there still harder to kill after cancelling the transport.

    Noy sure if any of you have encountered these but its pretty annoying when someone is 250 yards away and rapid firing a rolling block at you..which is obviously not capable of shooting as fast as that.

    I would also like to know if you guys have noticed anything else..

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  • Madscy

    You asked for more Triple XP and so we shall oblige... By popular demand, this coming weekend, every Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare multiplayer mode will yield you XP times three. It all begins tomorrow, Friday morning August 12th around 12:01AM Eastern (4:01am GMT) and doesn't end until Monday morning August 15th.

    From Rockstars Facebook page.

    triple XP all weekend long. It dont say if its for PS3 or XBOX but im assuming its for both, Have fun!

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