• MallRat666

    Step right up people for I,TheMallRat666 will give you the chance to get...The Golden Guns.All you have to do is have these items:


    Online Connection

    Red Dead Redemption

    Free Time

    & stuff to do while wating.

    These steps will guide you to a chance you'll never forget.

    Step 1:Add me on PSN my PSN is TheMallRat666

    Step 2:Send me a message with the subject saying"Gold(or golden)Guns Boost),I'll be avalible to boost anytime once i'm online but the only time i'm not avalible is when the busy sigh is up.If i have my friends list full just send me a message saying "Full Friends List"

    Step 3:Choose the weapon you would like golden & stick with it.

    Step 4:I'll invite you to a private match once your ready to go.

    Step 5 :Get a book or eat something cause theā€¦

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