Step right up people for I,TheMallRat666 will give you the chance to get...The Golden Guns.All you have to do is have these items:


Online Connection

Red Dead Redemption

Free Time

& stuff to do while wating.

These steps will guide you to a chance you'll never forget.

Step 1:Add me on PSN my PSN is TheMallRat666

Step 2:Send me a message with the subject saying"Gold(or golden)Guns Boost),I'll be avalible to boost anytime once i'm online but the only time i'm not avalible is when the busy sigh is up.If i have my friends list full just send me a message saying "Full Friends List"

Step 3:Choose the weapon you would like golden & stick with it.

Step 4:I'll invite you to a private match once your ready to go.

Step 5 :Get a book or eat something cause the leader will start working on his gun he has chosen 1st,Also the 2nd player will have to run or shoot around a bit so I will know where you are at to make this quicker.

Step 6 Once the leader is done with his gun the 2nd player(you) will now get the whole game to make your gun Golden.Then Repeat Simple as that.

So don't wait add me now.

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