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New Details on Undead Nightmare

MarkvA October 14, 2010 User blog:MarkvA

Rockstar just released several new details on the Undead Nightmare pack here.

Here's some of the new stuff:

  • Available for 800MP/$10 at PSN/Xbox Live if you own a copy of RDR, $29.99 in retail stores (no need for a RDR copy).
  • New zombie mode: Undead Overrun. You will have to survive waves of zombies along with a friend;
  • Missing Persons: Rescue survivors from hordes of zombies;
  • Fully narrated, cut-scene filled single player (already known);
  • Blunderbuss - A new weapon;
  • And far more! Check out the Undead Nightmare article for full details.

IGN has also released a preview.

Check out the Undead Nightmare article whilst you're at it!

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