• Mernimbler

    Random horse- Given by Jake. Fate Unknown.

    Betsy - Given to me by Bonnie MacFarlane in "New Friends Old Problems." Stolen by the game after replacing it with the Kentucky Saddler in a MacFarlane mission.

    Betsy 2 - A Kentucky Saddler broken myself during same mission. Keeled over with exhaustion after one of West Dickens' missions.

    Betsy 3 - An Ardennais taken from the scene of a failed robbery. Shot by a bandit near Armadillo.

    Betsy 4 - A Hungarian Half-Bred broken myself. Shot by a bandit near Escalera.

    Betsy 5 - An Ardennais taken from El Presidio. Keeled over with exhaustion after Landon Ricketts' final mission.

    Betsy 6 - A Hungarian Half-Bred broken myself. Pushed a hogtied man out of the way of a train, not thinking to move itself afterward…

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  • Mernimbler

    Hi again, I started playing Redemption again, and I was gutted when I lost my favourite horse yet, Betsy 7, an American Standardbred. I was looking through what was needed for 100% completion, when I saw U.S. Marshal outfit. I followed the instructions, and I arrived in Tumbleweed. I fought my way on horseback through the town, then left it outside as I ran into the mansion. I cleared out the bandits, and as the game deposited me outside the mansion, I ran around to the side to recover my horse, and was presented with the sight of Betsy 7 lying dead...


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  • Mernimbler

    Hi all. I was wondering what your funniest/randomest/weirdest Redemption moment was?

    For me, it's the time I hogtied someone and left them on a rail line. I went to get a drink, and when I came back, the hogtied person was in the middle of the road, and my horse had been pretty much atomized. I can only assume that Betsy 6 (my current horse) pushed the man out of the way and stayed in the path of the train. Not funny, just downright depressing.

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