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My horse history (as far as I know)

Random horse- Given by Jake. Fate Unknown.

Betsy - Given to me by Bonnie MacFarlane in "New Friends Old Problems." Stolen by the game after replacing it with the Kentucky Saddler in a MacFarlane mission.

Betsy 2 - A Kentucky Saddler broken myself during same mission. Keeled over with exhaustion after one of West Dickens' missions.

Betsy 3 - An Ardennais taken from the scene of a failed robbery. Shot by a bandit near Armadillo.

Betsy 4 - A Hungarian Half-Bred broken myself. Shot by a bandit near Escalera.

Betsy 5 - An Ardennais taken from El Presidio. Keeled over with exhaustion after Landon Ricketts' final mission.

Betsy 6 - A Hungarian Half-Bred broken myself. Pushed a hogtied man out of the way of a train, not thinking to move itself afterward.

Betsy 7 - A Kentucky Saddler bought with deed. Shot by Native "savages" during "Bear Another One's Burdens."

Betsy 8 - "------------------------------------------------------" Fell, with encouragement, from a cliff into Lake Don Julio, taking Marston Snr. with it.

Derek- Possibly ten inferior horses exist now, all meet their end from either dynamite or regular firearms.

Betsy 9 - An American Standardbred bought with deed. Shot by the ARMY during the penultimate West Elizabeth mission.

Betsy 10- A Kentucky Saddler broken myself. When whistled, it saved my life by jumping at a grizzly. Both it and the horse plunged to their deaths.

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