1911, New Austin, Tumbleweed

His body lay still, while his blood ran down the road. The town abandoned, except for a horse hitched at a hitching post. The horse whimmered as the body twitched. His eyes opened, and his mouth dropped open. "Ugh!" came from him, as he tried pulling toward a barrel. The sound of two horses in the distance were shocking to him, as he pulled up a Revolver. The two men on horseback stopped at one of the houses, and walked, with gun's ready, toward's the barrel where he lay, Some 45 feet away from the two men. "Hey, Tom!, Look!" as he pointed to a dead gang member. "Sam, maby it was Coyotes?" said Tom, "No ",said Sam," Look, bullet wound" pointing to a hole in the man's body. "Where did he get it from" asked Tom, "I don't... Know!" as he glance and saw the man laying against the barrel. "Hey" said Sam. The man aimed his revolver and fired. Sam was hit and fell to the ground. Tom turned and saw Sam on the ground. He pulled his Repeater from his horse, and fired a shot. The bullet entered the barrel, and Wheat poured out. The Man shot two rounds into Tom's stomach, and he fell to the ground, gasping for air. The man next to the barrel holstered his gun, and pulled hiself up, and started stumbling toward's his horse. He got onto it eventually, and spurred it. He rode out of the town, but then he saw that 6 men on horseback were heading toward's the town, looking for him. He headed back, and hitched his horse. He grabbed the Repeater, and 35 round's from Tom. He headed to a hill where he could see the town. He saw as they stopped, and entered the town. They searched the houses, and eventually stopped at the base of the hill. The man lined up his shot, and fired. The 6 men began to fall, although 2 men got into cover. One behind an outhouse, and the other a rock. Then, the one behind the outhouse fired 3 round's from his repeater. The man barely got out of the way. He then shot 4 round's into that enemy, and then the other 2 into the one behind the rock. The man got up and took the ammo from the enemies. He got atop his horse, and began to ride off, but right then, Tom, barely alive, asked "Who are you?". "Gorda", and then the man rode off down the road. Tom watched on, but he then collapsed. Tumbleweed was in ruin, and was bloodied.

Part 2 coming soon!

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