You have found the Dead Eyes of the West's home blog. Here we will talk about enemy posses, in-game events, or anything else that needs to be heard. Please to find out how to sign up etc.


1. Must be (at or) OVER level 15 in order to join

2. Must not consecutively swear, if swearing is absolutely needed.

3. Please have a mic, if you do not include it in your application.

4. Do not verbally attack other members (and mean it), doing so may result in warning or ban.

5. Be on RDR Multiplayer at least three times a week, if not able to do so please give a heads up in advance.

6. Have fun!






Bounties will be assigned on players who have done serious wrong to a member. Please talk to me if you have a suggestion for a name to be below. If a member kills somebody with a bounty and has proof, each kill will award that player with EXP. Please scroll down to "EXP" to see what this is.

The money values represent how much the person is wanted and how much EXP the bountyhunter will get each kill.













EXP is what gets you through your ranks. Doing certain tasks and winning events can earn you EXP. The ranks are listed below


You are a newbie to Dead Eyes of the West, but are still respected


You are slightly honored, but can do better.


You hear your name mentioned around town, but not too often


You are a highly respected member of Dead Eyes to the West


You are a legendary villian, people will cower before you

Events and Tasks

Events and tasks can be won (or completed) to give you EXP, and just to have fun. Events may include things like Races, Posse Battles, Fist Fights, etc. but must be official in order to gain EXP. Tasks may include "Win a 1v3", "Head shot him from afar", etc. but also must be official in order for EXP. I must witness you peform a task in order to gain credit for it.

Current tasks:

None listed

Current events:

None listed

MistahSnipah Leader Infinite Zero (0) He's nice lolol
1. Username 2. Rank 3. EXP 4. EXP to next rank 5. Reputation
WHITE_BOLT Greenhorn 0 One Thousand (1,000) Not Applicable

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