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Carcano Rifle (earned the hard & honest Boosting here, sonny jim!)

Just got my Carcano Rifle gold... Happy Days! but tarnished by the fact , i meet someone in Tall Trees... who went,. " Oh i got mine already"... "It hard work getting that one gold" i replied.. "It only took me about an hour" ,they replied.."you're kidding me, it took me ages, there's only a couple of maps that i can get my headshots in" , i did all mine in one session in Tumbleweed".. "Ah so you boosted" i said, "Yeh, i did,"....

JESUS, that makes me mad.. these players really ruin the whole point to getting gold guns.. its almost affensive..

the whole thing is learning about the gun , inside out..homing your skills etc..

I wish there was a way of Rockstar' stoping these so-called-playes from boosting their gold guns..

On a brighter note, thats all my Rifles & Pistols done , only the 'Sawn-off Shorty', & the 'Double Barrel' left, with half-way on them & about 40 HS's on my Tomahawk..

Motorhound 20:52, January 8, 2012 (UTC)

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