Christmas 207

& this fella , ny all time favourite..

Christmas 123
Christmas 314

"I just wanna die"!!

Christmas 063

tuff guy

Bb rd
Hw rd


Rd dk
More red 323
More red 026
More red 050


More red 023
After talking to lots of differnet players i can see that we would all like some new characters.

1st up would be abunch of A.I'S that are all ready in the game , just not up for garbs in the Outfitter..

2nd would be an old classic gang ,like Cint Eastwood, John Wayne, Lee van Cleaf,Charles Bronson, Jim & Slim (Larmie).. Adam,Ben,Hoss ( B0NANZA)..

ive added a few pictures of the ones we like.. i will add more later on.. what you think?

More red 371

cool suit

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