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Real Nightmare in Undead Overun

Motorhound December 19, 2011 User blog:Motorhound

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We was just playing a game of Undead Overun & this level 9 came in, we let him stay in the game(even tho he had no mic) as he probably needs the XP-points...

Every time i went to get the coffin he would Dynamite me, Why?.. we are meant to be a team.. i tryed to give this guy the benifit of the thought but everytime he had a chance he would keep throwing dynamite at me.. eventuallty he hit me with Undead bait & my Xbox froze-up.....What a real charmer, i am sure he has lots of friends...

So,I would like to say Thanks to " vTriikz " for making my miserable Monday even more miserable.. Cheers for nowt!

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