Ok, Ive had enough of these people telling me i am a moder because i have gold weapons.. All my weaopns where earned the hard way i.e.battling it out in Gang-Shootouts, Grab the bag,Stronghold,etc,etc..(No Boo
Golden oldies
sting Here!)

Granted some of the rifles are very hard to earn..but if you presist against all the Top Gunslingers & the bleedin' moders with aim-bots,rapid-fire buttons.. and Grin & Bare it.. you do get there!

Anyway, my melee knife is regular & so is my Cattlemans.. I am nearly done on the Buffalo & Rolling Block & Half way on Carcano Rifle (not Volanic-rifle, as some muppet was calling it the other day) so, there ya go.

And Remember to "Check your Journal" for info, before you start shooting your mouth off.... cheers

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