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RDR (All DLC's) Addicted's !!!!!!!!

Hi You all, guys!

This is the first post i write here, i only became a Red Dead Wiki member yesterday! I have Red Dead Redemption since August and I bought all DLC's one by one!! At this point I have almost all trophies of RDR and Undead Nightmare and in the Multiplayes I'm 3rd Legend. I tried to play GTA IV, NBA 2k 11 and Bad Company 2 (and I play tehm sometimes) but i really enjoy Red Redemption so this post is to ask for everyone who is truly a Red Redemption fan! I'm not talking about great players, or people who just want to get the trophies, but about good or not-so-good players that have the Red Dead Redemption "feeling" !!

Thank you all guys! I'm Nibelungo_PT (here and in PSN), so, contact me!!

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