Twinkies Suckkk (:

I am sooo bored right now ... like seriously its like a hundred and something outside o_O;;

I was playing Red Dead earlier and yeahhh..some random dude came up to me, started throwing undead bait at me, and whacking my character across the face with the torch uhh, I was like whaat the fucck ? He was trying to freeze my system I guess, but it didn't work at all XD ! EPIC FAIIIL ! (Echo-y Voice) O.O Whoooa god ? Jaykayy (: Anywhoo...I shot him in the face wih a bolt action && took his undead bait and used it against him

Not even like two minutes later, he like lags out XD MUHAHAHAHAHA ! TAKE THAT BITCH ! o_o;; I mean uhh, never mind D:< SO ! Yeahh it was pretty weird when he came back bitching at me that I was a hacker and a modder I: You do see whats wrong with that little cute picture righhht ?


Soo..yuppp totally fuck you guy who epically failed at trying to freeze my system >] Krama is such a bitch right ? ^.^

Girl Gunner 4 Hire :D 21:46, July 12, 2011 (UTC)

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