• Ollie2304

    I am a big fan of ghost stories, and i like to make them up too. But i need to have a starting base for it, so this time ive chosen the locations in Red Dead Redemption. The following is the Story for the location The Old Bacchus Place, well, i say that, its more about Butter Bridge.

    The Old Bacchus Place, a quiet, secluded spot on the side of the San

    Luis River, is often known for its uneventful past. But it hasnt always been that uneventful.

    It was Monday, 16th of September, 1905, and the owner at the time, Mintie Cummings, was just going to get a bucket of fresh water for the day ahead when she saw something she described as "Horrifying" and "Ghastly". As she was bailing the water into her bucket she caught a glimpse from up on Butter Brid…

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  • Ollie2304

    Look at This Seriously!!

    December 15, 2011 by Ollie2304

    I was just in El Materdero throwing knives in people and this happened, Please comment as i want to know if anyone has experienced it as well!

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