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  • OzoneInstinct

    The Federal Marshals are a part of Two Tone Posses alongside The Double Barrel Back Breakers...

    With our first posse full on members we have opened a new posse for our do-gooders. Please go to

    for D.B.B.B

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  • OzoneInstinct

    So I was running the Tumbleweed Hide Out in Free Roam with some friends... And all of a sudden we are down to one guy... He was in the basement... - - - Then... "Like he saw a ghost" (Wink wink) He rushs out of the basement up the hall and outthe front door ... where he then kills us all (4 people) with a pump action shotgun.... He then... ran into the town and took cover by a box... O_O... We then shot him with a leMat at point blank range... Anyone ever seen this?

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  • OzoneInstinct

    I have heard alot of people talk about Red Dead Redemption 2 (Free Roam)... Already? I mean really so soon? The up-comming DLC not good for you?... Another Rdr so soon would be very stupid... by R*.. and I know for a good fact they will not bring another western out for awhile... Why are people wanting a new one? I. D. K.

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  • OzoneInstinct

    Who would win? Bonnie MacFarlane or Annie Stoakes?...

    In my case I would choose Annie... do to the fact she is better handled with a gun and maybe be a better horse rider... That being said... Bonnie and Annie are much alike... Do to the fact both their barns caught fire by a gang... They both have a farm... Alot a like.. Even if Annie is from Rdr1.

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  • OzoneInstinct

    Noob Guns

    June 7, 2010 by OzoneInstinct

    In my time of playing Free roam I have found that I hate these guns...

    - Semi Auto Shotgun

    - High Power Pistol

    - Evans Reapeater

    Don't ask me why.. I just do... O_O

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