In Multiplayer... (FR)... people find it hard to raise your wanted level past 1500... WELL! I have found the best camping area in the world...

1. ride to MacFarlane's Ranch.

2. Find a Cart/Carriage.

3. Place Carriage at the back window of MacFarlane's near the gardan. (Make sure the drivers side is facing the window) (Take the second way into the gardan).

4. (maybe after a bit you have the carriage in the perfect place) Get out of it (You may enter the building like that)..

5. If you don't enter The MacFarlane home... go to a camping area. Raise you wanted level to 1000 or untill you become Public Enemy. (Stay close to the wagon)

6. Run to the back of the house.. get into the shotgun seat (it will place you in the driver seat)... you may need to re-possition it (QUICKLY)

7. Kill both of your horses. This should (Will/should) jump you into the House.

8. blow out windows and kill!

Don't touch the walls much... they may fling you outside of the home... (Outlayer walls)


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