Is Tumbleweed haunted or is it simply a myth? Many things are un-solved in that old ghost town... But one thing is for sure..."The Devil has gotten into that beast".

Myth 1: Little Shadow Girl - Sightings of a little shadowy girl has seen walking around the town area.

Myth 2: Ghost Dog: - Many people have heard the sound of a dog barking... when in fact- there is no dog at all.

Myth 3: Possesed Lantern: Sightings have seen (Inside the Large home) a lantern rolling back and forth (No stopping).

Myth 4: Ghost talking: People have heard the voices of NPCs all around the area of Tumbleweed.

Myth 5: Ghosts: People have "Seen" ghostly figures walking around the area. In houses and outside.

Myth 6: (Confirmed) The Demon Horse/The Loney Horse - Sightings in single player have seen a black horse hitched in Tumble weed.. when in fact there is no one around... Some say the 'Alter' carvings have something to do about it.

Are they just myths are they truely placed in the game? Most is un-known but there is a cause to bust the myths.

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