• Pathkillers Posse

    Chief Pathkiller was a Cherokee Warrior who fought to protect his people against oppression. In his honor, the Pathkillers Posse seek to right the wrongs in New Austin. We fight for the weak in Mexico. We defend the helpless on the Great Plains. If you are sick of posses picking on lone players, and tired of posses who curse non-stop, Pathkillers Posse might be for you. We make no grand claims. We are humble, IN IT FOR A LAUGH, and play for for pure enjoyment of the game. We don't need to brag, but we will always stand strong for our crew. Our goal is simple... Overwhelming the odds.

    Anyone who keeps cursing on the mic to a minimum, and is sick of posses who recruit based on language, skin color, or huge egos is welcome here. You need to pl…

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