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  • Pawnstar128

    The Explosive rifle

    • Now for many of you this is kinda old if you have the liars and cheats DLC for it but it is still the most awsome gun in the game on my standards. Now what I see it as is a cross between a bolt action rifle(design) a buffalo rifle(ammo capacity) a stick of dynamite(explosion power) and a blunderbuss(obliterates any undead thing leaving a fine red mist). Now this is the most powerful weapon in the game and the buffalo rifle comes next also it is like having a cannon from El presidio in your hand..... just without all the splash damage and the super slow rate of fire. I also would not use this rifle in a close quarters battle cause it EXPLODES......BOOM...moron. Here ae some interesting things about it.
    • When you fire it close…
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  • Pawnstar128

    The buffalo rifle

    March 27, 2012 by Pawnstar128

    Hey every one it's me pawnstar128. I am here to talk about the buffalo rifle. This has to be my favorite rifle in the game now I know what you are thinking "what on earth are you thinking you mad man it holds olny one bullet!". now if you get to know this gun better it is really a outstanding weapon. It may hold olny one bullet which makes it a doubtful weapon but it replaces all that with near maxed out power. This gun is also ideal for hunting with olny one bullet to the head and no matter what people say it is also a good zombie killer. With olny one bullet it does very well on horseback.

    Now here are three reasons why you should pick this gun.

    1. It is the most powerful rifle in the game (without any DLC's)
    2. one shot one kill on almost any an…
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