aka Eli Hancock

  • I live in United States
  • I was born on November 26
  • My occupation is BADASS
  • I am Male

    Hey! This is a new clan i've been thinking of over the weekend. While i was playing RDR i noticed that the population of modders/cheaters is growing rapidly. Thats why i came up with a clan that will drop those numbers in this game by alot. Rockstar wont help us. If we are going to get rid of the cheaters in RDR im gonna need ALOT of help. Sooo... if you wanna help get rid of these little modders/cheaters/hackers, send SmokeFireBurst a message on XBL. Sorry PSN players but I dont have PS3, only Xbox 360.

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    Hey, so how many headshots do YOU have in Multiplayer? Mine is a little over 42,000. No I'm not a modder. And if you guys decide to post on this blog, tell your TRUE LEGIT amount, plz don't lie. If you're a modder and just want to show off, don't bother posting cuz ur a no-life who's too lazy to EARN ur shit.

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    so hey its me RED DEAD BEAST, yes i have my own huge clan its called the Legit Headhunters and my GT is SmokeFireBurst, tell me about your clans

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    Come join our clan! If you don't have a clan and nobody will join, come on to ours!

    We do all sorts of fun crap, like:

    • Undead Overrun
    • Grand Prix
    • Gang Matches
    • Free for All
    • Cooperative Missions
    • Stronghold
    • Hunting
    • Completing Challenges
    • Gang Hideouts
    • Poker
    • Liar's Dice
    • Land Grab

    We sometimes even help members boost for any gold gun they want! (Except for Explosive Rifle of course)

    And one of the best parts, you don't have to change or do ANYTHING!!!

    You don't have to:

    • Change your gamertag
    • Accomplish any tasks
    • Be a certain level
    • Be a certain character
    • Or be skilled!
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