Thank you for your time out. It was a really great opportunity for me to explore other more positive and user friendly sites on the internet. Your site is large and impressive and I now understand that it comes from your users, and not you, because you are far too busy being a pompous ass to offer constructive criticism without being arrogant. As the saying goes, Administrator, "There are a billion Chinese that could care less what you do." I have now found alternative outlets for resource that I can offer to our users in place of the link here. This is a shame as there are a lot of good people that will not have their fine work seen due to your inability to humble yourself for a few moments. Perhaps, we'll come back again to your precious site if you'll ever allow for errors. This seems highly doubtful, as you'll probably retaliate due to your spectacularly large "Admin ego". In the meantime, I look forward to other new links. I, also, hope that I don't sound like I'm "rude" or a "prick" but somehow I think we both come off the same way.

Cheers and piss off, bloody wanker.

PS: If you'd like people to know that your rules were written in stone and carried down from the mountaintop, perhaps you should try using a burning bush. At the very least, provide a more user friendly apparatus for populating information before you need to start speaking from the heavens.

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