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    Custom Game Mods on RDR?

    January 19, 2013 by Ratchetrex

    Hey People,I will Create a Event On Free roam,But not in this month(in february/10:my birthday),anyone else that wants to join the event just send me a message or write in the comment section Below...

    a event in gta 4 ,but now is RDR,just use a marshal skin,chose the outlaw and start.

    • Rules

    -from blackwater to armadillo

    -or escalera to fort mercer

    -15 seconds to outlaw run

    -cop guns:only cattleman revolvers,sniper rifles and Fire bottles

    -shot the outlaw horse

    -outlaw wins if:out of cops minimap,all cops die or arrive in place without being busted -outlaw guns:volcanic pistol,dynamite and repeaters ==please add other events in the comment section below.==

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  • Ratchetrex

    Please help me out,I need Some Friends To Boost Golden Guns IN RDR,Iam Legend 1, LVL 23,If can help me,put your gamertag in the comment section below,or Send me a Message,Remenber i'll Help  Too...Ratchetrex (talk) 15:56, January 18, 2013 (UTC)


    • Use Las Hermanas,Because its a Tiny Map
    • Dont kill me,let me Kill you until the time ends
    • After that Lets go to Free roam and Start a Event,kkkk
    • Remenber The Rules
    • The Prize For Doing That:I'll teach a glitch in 'las hermanas'


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