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    Bandito back on a other myth hunt.  This time we take on 2 myths. The first myth is the Lady vampire, some people say that supposedly they see a vampire lady killing and sucking someone's blood.  The s second one is the "Kinship of Blood" a group of vampires that some people claim to see sacrificing people and drinking thier blood. Let the light of truth shine on these myths.

    •  Both only come out at night.
    • According to people the Lady Vampire can be seen at 3 places the swamps near Thieves' Landing, The shurbland  near Armadillo, and by the river that separates U.S. from Mexico.
    • When found both will be drinking random npc blood or sacrficing 

    To be completely honest I did not take this myth serious at all because of all the infromation was diffe…

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    Hey guys I'm back and if you dont know me well its because I havent played rdr or been on this wiki in almost a year. 

    On part 4 of bandito and myths we investigate the skin walker. Definition of skin walker: a native american with the power to change into a animal at any time. lets find the true form of this myth.

    This supposed skin walker is said to roam around tall trees and nekoti rock. a lone native american who cant be killed and seems to transform into animal. 

    It is said the also he is the maker of the painting mystery site and he can be seen thier too                                                                                                                                           …

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    Hey its me again sorry i ve been gone my rdr broke and i just got a new one.

    This time on bandito and myths we Investigate the alleged ufo. Some this is not true while others say it is. it is time to identified the unidentified.

    • only can be seen in mexico.
    • strange lights that appear to be a yellow color see at night.
    • when seen strange sounds occur.
    • some stars move.

    • strange lights that appear to be a yellow color see at night.NOT TRUE
    • when seen strange sounds occur. NOT TRUE
    • if you look long some stars will move. I did see a star move idk if this a ufo.

    I do not think there are ufos in the game. what people have seen may have been glicthes or display problems

    §RDRbandito55§ 00:47, August 25, 2011 (UTC)
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    this is a picture of the supposed werewolf this photo is fake but people say the werewolf is real. Lets put the sliver bullet of truth into the chest of this werewolf.

    • Supposed to only come out at midnight and a full moon
    • Seen at tall trees and hanging rock
    • Horses disappear: Horses disappear on time listed up when left alone
    • Bear and something: Bears have seen fighting something tall over a dead deer.
    • Strange noises: Very strange noises heard at night in tall trees

    heres what me and my friends found

    • Horses disappear: Horses disappear at time listed up when alone: TRUE very weird
    • Bear and something: Bears have been seen fighting something over a dead deer: NOT FOUND
    • Strange noises: Very strange noises heard at night in tall trees: NOT FOUND

    I dont th…

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    This is the famous photo of the tumbleweed ghost women. while some people say this is fake and edited some people say its true lets find out if the tumbleweed is really haunted

    Myth 1: Little Shadow Girl - Sightings of a little shadowy girl has seen walking around the town area. There is a tomb of a little girl

    Myth 2: Ghost Dog: - Many people have heard the sound of a dog barking... when in fact- there is no dog at all.

    Myth 3: Possesed Lantern: Sightings have seen (Inside the Large home) a lantern rolling back and forth (No stopping).

    Myth 4: Ghost talking: People have heard the voices and walking of NPCs all around the area of Tumbleweed.

    Myth 5: Ghosts: People have "Seen" ghostly figures walking around the area. In houses and outside.

    Myth 6…

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