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Bandito and myths 3: UFO

Hey its me again sorry i ve been gone my rdr broke and i just got a new one.

This time on bandito and myths we Investigate the alleged ufo. Some this is not true while others say it is. it is time to identified the unidentified.

Information on myth

  • only can be seen in mexico.
  • strange lights that appear to be a yellow color see at night.
  • when seen strange sounds occur.
  • some stars move.


  • strange lights that appear to be a yellow color see at night.NOT TRUE
  • when seen strange sounds occur. NOT TRUE
  • if you look long some stars will move. I did see a star move idk if this a ufo.


I do not think there are ufos in the game. what people have seen may have been glicthes or display problems

§RDRbandito55§ 00:47, August 25, 2011 (UTC)

Bandito and myths pt.4 skinwalker

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