Bandito back on a other myth hunt.  This time we take on 2 myths. The first myth is the Lady vampire, some people say that supposedly they see a vampire lady killing and sucking someone's blood.  The s second one is the "Kinship of Blood" a group of vampires that some people claim to see sacrificing people and drinking thier blood. Let the light of truth shine on these myths.

Information on myths

  •  Both only come out at night.
  • According to people the Lady Vampire can be seen at 3 places the swamps near Thieves' Landing, The shurbland  near Armadillo, and by the river that separates U.S. from Mexico.
  • When found both will be drinking random npc blood or sacrficing 


To be completely honest I did not take this myth serious at all because of all the infromation was different and the people who said they saw vampires  I could not just believe what they are saying, but anyways I looked for like a hour both on muti and single player and did not find a thing . My verdict is that both of these are not at all true and people are just lying about it or just getting confused with undead nightmare. Also the kinship of blood may be a posse of players that are devil worshippers. If you have any information or stories on swamp ghost feel free leave a comment. 

§RDRbandito55§ 01:54, June 28, 2013 (UTC) 

Previous Myths 

Tumbleweed Haunting   Werewolf  Ufos  Skinwalker


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