this is a picture of the supposed werewolf this photo is fake but people say the werewolf is real. Lets put the sliver bullet of truth into the chest of this werewolf.

information on myth

  • Supposed to only come out at midnight and a full moon
  • Seen at tall trees and hanging rock
  • Horses disappear: Horses disappear on time listed up when left alone
  • Bear and something: Bears have seen fighting something tall over a dead deer.
  • Strange noises: Very strange noises heard at night in tall trees


heres what me and my friends found

  • Horses disappear: Horses disappear at time listed up when alone: TRUE very weird
  • Bear and something: Bears have been seen fighting something over a dead deer: NOT FOUND
  • Strange noises: Very strange noises heard at night in tall trees: NOT FOUND


I dont think theres a werewolf here not enough evinced and too much people lying §RDRbandito55§ 02:15, February 2, 2011 (UTC}


Bandito and myths pt3: UFO

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