I've noticed that some animals can be really hard to find, although I have come across a few areas where they spawn as fast as... well, rabbits. While a friend and I were hunting for cougars, we found one just north of the river between USA and Mexico. While waiting around to see if we could find more cougars, I was suddenly surrounded by animals. It was ridiculous! I started shooting (since it was easier to count them that way) and wound up getting 10 rabbits, a beaver, and an armadillo in about a minute or so, all of which started in roughly the same area before they started fleeing me. Maybe 10 minutes later, about 7 or 8 deer spawned in the same area (I wasn't able to catch them all). But then there are times where we'll run from one end of the game to the other and only see 2 or 3 animals total. Maybe something is wrong with the animal spawn times or something.

We did end up finding some cougars, up in the north snowy area. We had been searching for the better part of the afternoon, when all of a sudden, one jumped out at me. I shot it, and then immediately another found me, which I shot, and then 2 more came. I had all I needed for the master hunter challenge so I had to run in circles while I waited for my friend to catch up. Four more cougars spawned in the area while he made his way over and shot the first 2 that were chasing me. I'm afraid to see this happen with alligators...

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