When Jessica and I got to Blackwater, we went to the Blackwater Jail. A couple of Lawmen met us there as they were gearing up to help us in the shootout. They holstered their gun's and cared for us. One of the deputies asked, "Do you have any relative's nearby that you can stay with?" Jess said, "No, all of our relaive's went up to the Northeast to live the modern life." But then I thought of one of our adopted Uncle's named Jose Escuela. I looked at Jess and she looked at me. We must have both been thinking of the same thing, because when I raised my eyebrow's she gasped. "No Jonah I'm not moving to Chuparosa." The deputy looked at me and said, "You have a relative down in Chuparosa son?" I said in response, "Yes, our Uncle Jose. He is a store owner down there." " Ok Jonah. Jessica can you step out into the hall for a moment please." "Fine" she said. The deputy looked back at me and said, "You two are in grave danger. Your father was one of the main men in Dutchs Gang. One of his right hand men John Marston lives about twelve mile's away in Beecher's Hope. Your lucky we haven't had a tragedy yet. Look Jonah, you both are going to Chuparosa until you're twenty-one and she is eightteen. We can't take any chances." I nodded to the man and stood up. "Alright sir, where do I stay tonight." The deputy stood up as well and said, You can stay in our attic we will have extra security around Blackwater and tomorrow we will station two men in Manizata Post for any of Dutchs' Men. " I walked out and told Jessica the new's. "I can't believe this!" she said. "I can't move to Mexico!" I touched Jessica's shoulder and said, "We have to only for a few year's. Then we can go our seperate ways" don't worry it might be pretty cool!" Jessica smiled. The next morning we were woken up by the sheriff. We were escorted by four soldier's to a military convoy. Seemed to us a little obssevie. The sergeant saluted to his men and helped us into the coach. There we were greeted by the deputy and another civilian. The sergeant rode shotgun while a soldier drove them down to Chuparosa.

Hey guy's I know it was borning and short but the next chapter will be their travel and the exiting esperience that they go though tune in tomorrow!

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