• Red Dead Marston

    Well, Thank's for everytin'! But I've found a whole gold mine down on another wiki! I doubt I'll be editin' anymores, but if I do, I'll probably have Red Dead Redemption back. From now on, ya'll can find me at the Assassin's Creed Wiki!


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  • Red Dead Marston


    October 26, 2010 by Red Dead Marston

    There's another dang outlaw, and he's usin my name! I think it's IPeterGriffin's other account. And he's worse! Please note his name is RedMarston, not my name. I think I know why, I'll tell you if you want a long story.

    When IPeterGriffin started the page, Dead Horses, he was putting vile things on it. I tried to stop the varmint. So he decided to use my name and go around and cause mayhem. He is now trying to hack my account.

    This Varmint needs to be stopped. Both of them. These are the ones that need to be blocked:

    • RedMarston
    • IPeterGriffin

    Get them please, or I'll try to get myself to block them by becoming an administrator.

    Please help.


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  • Red Dead Marston

    There's a dang outlaw called IPeterGriffin out on the wiki. The varmint keeps on vandalizing pages and leavin' the same messages.

    This outlaw needs to be captured (or blocked). If he carries on, there's gonna be hell on this wiki. If you find him, and you're an administrator, please block him as he is VANDALIZING the wiki.

    Keep an eye out for him, as he is very easy to spot.

    $1,000,000 ALIVE

    $5,000,000 BLOCKED

    ~Red Dead Marston~

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