• Remuz

    Locations, Leaders, Lore.

    June 14, 2011 by Remuz

    In the Posse it must be known who the leaders are to apply respect. Ave True to Rabid is a common Salute to the Emporor of this posse as well as to the Legate. The Frumentarii And Centurions are of equal stature, Only the Praetorian Personal Gaurd are of higher rank and chain of command. We are predominatley Xbox Live, Emporor Rabid owns a Playstation3 that is rarely used the PSN ID is sasori_akusan. GamerTag for XBL for thy emporor is xRABIDxHERMITx, Never Add him if deemed worthy he will add you, but feel free to message him about anything whatsoever. The Legate Sith is not A force to be reckoned with his Accuracy and Mind our two things to fear. He ran the Pitt in Under 23 seconds flat only useing a handgun. His GamerTag is undisclosed …

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  • Remuz

    Remus And Romulus Rise

    June 13, 2011 by Remuz

    This blog will state the buisness and manner for the posse Romulus's Legion. Behavior, Actions, and Weapons Will be the Topic of this Issue and how we became A posse. The Posse Name originates from the Deadly Leader and Founder of Romanga. Romulus and Remus were twin brothers born from the mother Rhea (also Known as llia) When the Twins where born they were left to die but where saved by Divine Intervenment a She-Wolf found and Nurtured them to health, Eventually being found by a Shepered raised into manhood by the Man, Eventually finding out who they are Demi-Gods sons of Mars, Found and killed the man who left them to die. After words they decided to Restore Numitor to the throne of Alba Longa and Made a city for themselves, that city be…

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