This blog will state the buisness and manner for the posse Romulus's Legion. Behavior, Actions, and Weapons Will be the Topic of this Issue and how we became A posse. The Posse Name originates from the Deadly Leader and Founder of Romanga. Romulus and Remus were twin brothers born from the mother Rhea (also Known as llia) When the Twins where born they were left to die but where saved by Divine Intervenment a She-Wolf found and Nurtured them to health, Eventually being found by a Shepered raised into manhood by the Man, Eventually finding out who they are Demi-Gods sons of Mars, Found and killed the man who left them to die. After words they decided to Restore Numitor to the throne of Alba Longa and Made a city for themselves, that city being Rome. We will not attack without reason if you so happen to just be a example to the rest of what we do so be it. If provoked we wont stop without ultimate death, Melee Knife, Throwing Knife, Tomohawk, Fire Bottles, Henry Repeater, Bolt action rifle, Schofeild Revolver, High Powered pistol, and The Double Barreled Shotgun are our weapons not the best in the hand of the worste. Check Out the Posse Page by Romuluaz

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