I just thought I'd leave this here, just wondering what you thought about this idea: A sequel to Red Dead Redemption taking place in the 1920s/Prohibition era, starring Jack Marston. NOTICE: This is my idea, this is NOT a sequel announcement.

Basically, I was thinking of placing it in the world map as RDR, possibly with additional areas. The game would have a number of points where the player can either get involved with the mob or become a government agent (or possibly PI). The mission structure will vary depending on the player's choices, i.e. smuggling alcohol, fighting rival gangs as a gangster or busting speakeasies and stopping cross-border smuggling as an agent. I also envision the game starting with a "tutorial level" featuring Jack serving in World War I.

The map would be the same as RDR, as I stated, however, some things would have changed, for instance, the main roads from Blackwater to Armadillo, as well as those leading to Mexico and between Chuparosa and Escalera, will have been paved, and be intended primarily for vehicle traffic. The cities and towns, particularly Blackwater, will have expanded, with Blackwater becoming more of a major city, with skyscrapers, highways etc.

Some old weapons would return, including the Colt Single Action Army/Cattleman, the Hi-Power, Mauser C96, Krag Jorgenson Bolt Action, Winchester rifle, Browning Auto 5 Shotgun, Explosive Rifle, Molotovs etc.

New weapons would include things like Tommy Guns (of course), Browning Automatic Rifles, Springfield M1903, Colt M1911, Luger P08, .357 magnum, snub nose .38, Mark II Grenades, possibly a flamethrower.

Also, as John predicted in one cutscene, Jack will drive a motorcar, with a variety of vehicles, ranging from standard Model Ts and trucks, all the way to armored cars and period tanks such as the Renault FT-17, Mark VII etc.

Also, possibly being able to learn to fly a plane in an optional mission, allowing access to period aircraft, both transports and fighters and bombers.

So, what do you guys think of the idea. Would you like to see a game like this come out.

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