Sup everybody? I got an account on XBox LIVE today! Woohoo! I have a one-month free trial, so I won't be around for long. (There's a long explanation why I haven't gotten one before, and why I won't have it for long, but I'll spare you the details). Anyway, I want to try and play with at least some of my friends here. So if you have LIVE, add me. My GT is SAMuraiCowboy. My favorite things to do in multiplayer so far are to do Gang Hideouts in Free Roam, Co-op Missions, and play Undead Overrun.

If my friends here want to play some RDR with me, send me a friends request and tell me who you are from the wiki. I'll add ya' and we can start taming the west. See ya' on LIVE!

p.s. I don't have a mic. Sorry!

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