I was in Tall Trees doing nothing at all when I see the oh-so-familiar blue blip on the radar. I hear a scream and angle the camera in the direction of the dot to see this guy being chased by a Bear. I unload a couple of shots into the beast and he goes down. In the middle of the guys 'thank you', a second Bear appears outta nowhere and slashes the guy with its massive paw, throwing the dude about twenty feet through the air and into a tree. Of course, I'm awed by this, and I'm not quick enough to react as the bear kills my horse and I fall to the ground. Well, I start running toward the area where the train tracks curve along the mountain, you know, close to Pacific Union Railroad Camp, and the bear is chasing me (naturally), when all of a sudden I hear this barking and growling. Wolves. So I'm being chased by all these animals, and I turn the camera, while running, to see that another Bear has joined the mob. Just to recap, that's about six wolves, and two bears on my tail. Then, I hear the train whistle. I couldn't believe all of this was happening at once. Then I decided that I was gonna milk this moment for all it's worth (I mean, c'mon, when is all this ever gonna happen at once EVER again). I was gonna make this a full blown action movie, for goodness sake! My plan was to jump onto the train, turn, and give a hardy laugh at the mob of beasts....But do things hardly ever turn out like you expect in Red Dead Redemption? Right when I get to the clif where I'm to jump onto the train, the wolves catch up to me and knock me down. I fall off the cliff onto the train tracks where I'm screaming, "NO! NO! Get up! Get up! Get up! Dear God...". SPLAT! The train hits me and I go flying off the cliff onto the road near Pacific Union Railroad Camp. As can only be expected, I died...

Moral of the story:

That's why we all love RDR...

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