So the other day I was out in the wilderness hunting for wolves when a guy comes up and says his buddy's about to be lynched, so I go to help him. I get there, shoot the bad guys and shoot the rope he's being hung with. He falls, gets on his pals horse, and as I'm looting bodies they start shooting at me for some reason. Well, I kill them (sadly, I didn't have time to put on my bandana, so I lost honor), and some eywitness from a mile away rides to tell the sheriff. I get on my horse and ride as fast as possible, and the lawmen come after me. Here's the cool part: I get to Jorge's Gap, and, instinctively, made my horse jump. Now, I've tried to jump my horse over the Gap before and it has never ended pretty. But, surprisingly, my horse makes it across, leaving the lawmen behind! What made that moment even sweeter was I see the train. I gallop toward it and jump on, coolly taking a seat. I ride the locomotive into Armadillo where I proceed to the safehouse where I lay down to take a much needed nap (after a drink or two. After all, I earned it if I do say so myself). Talk about a great escape!

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