Hello, everyone. I came to this wiki a while back, and noticed something that rather concerned me - real-life info. An example is this:

"The real-life Evans had an even greater magazine capacity than the in-game model, a remarkable 34 rounds. On the other hand, its reloading speed was painfully slow, given the requirement of cycling the action to insert each cartridge. The Evans cartridge was ballistically almost identical to the .44-40 WCF of the Winchester Repeater."

(Taken from the Evans Repeater article.)

There is an underlying problem with real-life info (which I will now refer to as RL info). I'm a regular user/editor on the Call of Duty Wiki, where we allowed RL info before on guns in CoD. What happened was that a load of gun nerds came and started adding useless minutiae like how the M4A1 doesn't have a forward assist or something. What we did to amend this was to abolish RL info, decidiing that that's what Wikipedia is for, and treat the guns as fictional.

I strongly urge you, Red Dead Wiki, to take this into consideration, and possibly see your way to removing RL info too. Thank you.

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