Okay people. Everyone here knows that I love this game, so much that it's an obsession. But one thing has always bothered me about it and that is the honor meter. Why? Because I don't think it fits, John being a bad guy. Allow me to explain. When it comes to John's personality (and not the player's influence) we have to use how he acts in cutscenes to gauge how he really is and to tell you the truth I don't feel he's like that. It's only when the player gets the reins and makes him do bad things that his honor goes down and change his personality, but this change doesn't effect how he is in cutscenes. So he's saving people one minute then killing people the next. It doesn't fit to me. Now I've thought long and hard on how to make this duel personality make sense to me but I can't. So I ask you guys do any of you "get it"? Can you help me understand how someone can be a cutthroat bastard and a nice guy at the same time? Because I don't get it.

PS: Yes I did a "bad" playthrough and I can't finish it! I REALLY don't like what I turned John into.

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