It was October 25th 2010. I got up at about noon and hung out with my family until 4 or 5pm. I got online and met a friend on RDR multiplayer played for hours. He got off another friend came online and we played for a few more hours. He had to get off too so I played by myself until 11:45 because it was midnight release time for Fable 3 (ugh). I played that until 7am and I was dead tired. I was like "alright if Undead Nightmare isn't available yet then I'm going to bed. If it is then I'm just going to have to suck it up and make a pot of coffee because I'm too excited to sleep". I restarted my Xbox and there it was Undead Nightmare in all of it's glory. I downloaded it immediatly, popped a fresh battery into my controller, set up my capture card, and made my pot of coffee. I put the game in and was treated to the best DLC I had ever played. It still boggles my mind how Rockstar took a game that I was VERY familiar with and made me feel like a rookie again. They took a game that I knew and made it look completely different and even gave it a whole new surf rock soundtrack (HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!). Undead Nightmare was just pure joy to play which made it pure joy for me to record and share my experince on youtube. I played Undead Nightmare from 7am to 1pm. And then I edited, rendered, uploaded, and commentated all of day one's videos before finally going to sleep at 6:30pm! I was on such a high that it took awhile for me to come down again.

Share your experince below!

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