Hey guys! Spawny0908 here with a bit of news for you. The question I get asked around the wiki the most is how I get my interviews with the various actors from Red Dead. The answer is no secret I'm friends with K Harrison Sweeney who voiced Irish. He tells the actor I wanna talk, gives them my e-mail, I send questions, they answer them, andIi post them for you guys. So all in all Mr. Sweeney helps me a lot. So how about we at the Red Dead Wiki return the favor because without him we wouldn't have these awesome interviews? He has a short entered in the Wyoming Video Contest entitled "Undead Lovers" and it needs some votes so go and vote for it! You'll have to sign up at the site in order to vote but it only takes like 5 minutes. If they win this contest they get a HUGE cash reward of $25,000 for their movie "From the Trailer to the Grave". Thats a big way of saying thanks for the interviews and who knows maybe we'll get some more interviews! So sign up and vote if not just to help the cast but also as a thanksto Mr.Sweeney for all the awesome interviews!

Click here to go to the video's page. There is a create account link at the top.


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